Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Al Partir by Nino Bravo

Wonderful voice and song by Nino Bravo

Avocado juice with Lemon and Coconut as a breakfast

Dear Blogger,

When I  was young, I was brought up with a typical country breakfast options such as porridge, fried rice or fried noodle. I remember I had a continuing sorethroat and catching cold easily back then. Now, after finishing my medical degree and  nutrition study, I start to see the connection between food , drink and disease.
It is so clear to me that all green fresh juices are the best for our body as a breakfast and they should replace our old traditional breakfast. One of my favourite juice  is a juice of avocado mixed with lemon and coconut water. I always put  a little pinch of seasalt and a little olive oil  to boost  my energy. Feeling fresh and healthy and eergize is what I need everyday. Hope my experience will be useful for you all.

Be healthy and radiant,
Dr. Andralia